Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Carson's 2nd Birthday!!!!

We celebrated Carson's 2nd birthday today at lunch time since we have to be at church tonight by 6:00. He had his favorite lunch (speghetti with corn and bananas), then a cake followed by presents. He's down for his nap now in his new Cars sleeping bag having good dreams of a great birthday!


Calixto & Brenda Arce said...

Spaghetti and bananas? Wow, I reallly missed out as a kid! I really like the shirt you are wearing.

Calixto & Brenda Arce said...

the previous comment was from Calixto...he noticed your fame of his name shirt!!
Happy 2nd Birthday to Carson...what a fun lunch!
Hope you are doing well. I'm jealous Calixto will be there tomorrow!
Hope to see you soon!

Katie said...

Oh WOW! I can not believe he is already 2!!! Happy Birthday Carson!

Becky said...

He's so stinkin' CUTE!!! smooch him for me would ya? and the other two too. :) I agree w/katie, cant believe he's 2 already. what the heck?! i want the hug the mess out of you guys. love you!

Christine said...

I just had to come by and see you. Your boys are SUPER CUTE! I have 5 boys and my Ben is almost two... We could be good friends!!

Thanks for entering my Bloggy Giveaway. :) Good luck!

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Kaila's Mommy said...

Congrats on being due your family is way cute!! Thanks for entering!!

Ashley said...

You have such a cute family!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

My son would have loved that Thomas cake.

Anyhow, Hi! I'm around visiting the blogs of people who entered my contest. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you feel welcome to visit again anytime.